In parallel to the United Nation's Commission on the Status of Women 67th Session


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    A Significant Milestone

    Our participation in the NGOCSW68 Forum on March 12, 2024, marked a significant milestone in our journey towards empowering women and advancing gender equality. Reflecting on our participation in the previous year's NGO CSW Forum, where the Power of Women anthem closed the opening ceremony, this year’s event provided insight into the strides that Power Of Women has made since its participation last year.
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    NGO CSW 68

    With NGO CSW Forum attendees joining our event from around the world, our parallel event showcased the transformative power of music and media in educating, uniting, and inspiring collective action.
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    Through insightful conversations with our panelists, we explored the concept of "edutainment" and its role in promoting sustainable development goals, gender equality, and environmental sustainability. Our groundbreaking Power Of Women 3 Song Album served as a focal point, embodying our vision of celebrating women, promoting environmental consciousness, and advocating for global peace.
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