Amplify women's voices and celebrating their contributions to society using music


    The Power Of Women Anthem was Produced By Lars Halvor Jansen and Thomas Barscoe of OC HIT for the Power Of Women Initiative. Performed By OC HIT Talent: Jordyn Simons, Sydney Noelle, Brianna Taylor, Chlo Subina, Ellie Soufi, Taylor Leake, and Bailee White.

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    Rev. Michael Beckwith

    Power of Women was honored to be invited by Rev. Michael Beckwith to perform an exclusive live version of the Power of Women anthem at Agape, reaching both its consistent live audience and a digital streaming audience of thousands of individuals from around the world. Held at the prestigious Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, the live performance of the Power of Women Anthem captivated audiences with its powerful message of empowerment and unity.

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    Remarks and Intro

    The evening began with remarks from the Founder of Power Of Women, setting the stage for an unforgettable performance. Stephanie Siriwardhana then introduced seven talented girls who were given the opportunity to perform this empowering song about self-confidence, sisterhood, unity, and strength. As the anthem echoed through the theater, it served as a call and a reminder for women to step into their greatness and for individuals of all genders to come together in support of gender equality and women's empowerment. The powerful lyrics and soulful melody resonated with the audience, igniting a sense of hope and inspiration.

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    A Beautiful Performance

    Accompanied by talented musicians and vocalists, including 7 young girls from OC HIT studios and talent management, backup singers from the Agape Choir, and the wonderful Agape Band, with incredible contributions from Producers Lars Halvor Jensen and Thomas Barscoe, the live performance of the Power of Women Anthem was a highlight of the evening. It showcased the strength and resilience of women everywhere, reminding everyone of the importance of amplifying women's voices and celebrating their contributions to society.




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