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    Power Of Women

    Embracing a shared mission for humanity



    Humanity needs a shared mission. A mission aligning the entire global population to function as a body, where every cell, every organ, must work together to operate successfully.


    The common mission of all humans must be to work in their respective fields with a focus on the overall well-being of self which ultimately contributes toward the overall well-being of all. It is a mission that drives all people to participate at their highest capacity toward the greater good of humanity as a whole and the sustainability of the ecosystem each of us lives in.


    United Nations Sustainable Development Goals provide a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. The 17 SDGs are an urgent call for the global population to collaborate in partnership to improve human lives and protect the environment.


    SDG Goal #3 Holistic Sense of Health and Well-Being of All humans. All humans collectively work towards achieving the below for the individual self, which ultimately improves the state of society at large.

    • Physical Wellbeing
    • Economic Wellbeing
    • Psychological Wellbeing
    • Emotional Wellbeing
    • Social Wellbeing
    • Spiritual Wellbeing
    • Environmental Wellbeing 

    In order to achieve Humanity’s shared mission, the global society must operate with SDG Goal #16 Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions as our basic foundation. Having a strong foundation is KEY, and this can only be successfully accomplished by building effective SDG Goal #17 Partnerships and collaborating across diverse industries to achieve our shared mission.


    The Vision is to successfully build an efficiently functioning social anatomy where each individual component of the anatomy is thriving and cohesively operating in harmony as a collective at a societal level to maintain its well-being of itself. When we realize Earth is the ecosystem that sustains this anatomy, the well-being of earth in its entirety and its separate parts is crucial.


    With Humans at the center of our shared mission, there are two major components to focus on:

    • SDG Goal #3 Health and Well-being of Humans.
    • SDG Goal #13 Health and Well-being of the Ecosystem/Environment Humans live in. 
    1. Health and Wellbeing of Humans: SDG Goal #3 means addressing lack, and SDG Goal #1 Poverty in all 7 areas of well-being identified above.
    • Therefore, having baseline standards for every human being begin with achieving: SDG Goal #2 Zero Hunger, and SDG Goal #6 Clean Water and Sanitization as a minimum requirement for all humans across the globe.
    • Then provide SDG Goal #11 Sustainable living communities and cities for every human citizen. Affordable, safe, and stable roof above everyone's head. Physical stability greatly impacts one's livelihood along with access to SDG Goal #7 Affordable and Clean Energy which elevates the quality of life by enabling access to humanity's technological advances to increase exposure to information and opportunities.
    • Education is key in elevating standards and quality of life. Therefore, simultaneously focusing on providing SDG Goal #4 Quality Education to all, which ultimately broadens the horizon with increased opportunities, skills, and vocational abilities leading to accomplishing SDG Goal #8 Decent work and economic growth in return, which significantly SDG Goal #10 reduces inequalities and also increases SDG Goal #5 Gender Equality.

    2. Eco-system/Environment of Humans: SDG Goal #13 Climate Action, which addresses humans as individuals and humanity as a society sustaining themselves successfully without any hindrance caused by nature.

    • Therefore, sustainable, eco-friendly SDG Goal #9 Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, along with SDG Goal #12 responsible consumption and production, are detrimental aspects to be conscious of in order to protect the environment in which we live and deliberately make conscious decisions that consistently create a positive impact globally. Being mindful and aware of our individual actions, including conscious living/conscious consumption, affects the global population and the successful accomplishment of the shared mission of humanity.
    • Also, being aware of other SDG Goal #15 Life On Land, and SDG Goal #14 Life Below Water significantly contributes to the overall well-being of the ecosystem humans desperately need to survive. Therefore, taking drastic measures to protect and sustain the overall well-being of all forms of life on earth.


    At the core of Power Of Women is the understanding that what matters most to every individual is our own peace and well-being. When each of us shows up for ourselves, we drive collective progress.


    Our strategy is to use Edutainment as a scalable solution to reach a broad audience digitally and unify as a global community under a shared mission, encouraging each individual to take accountability for themselves to contribute to the greater good for self, society and the environment resulting in collective action.


    Why our focus is on women: Women unify

    At Power Of Women, we believe it's time for women, the silent leaders of our society, to step forward and lead humanity towards a golden age of solutions. As we navigate global transitions, women stand as pillars of strength, guiding humanity with fortitude as Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, and QUEENS. Together, we can achieve our shared mission for a better world.