We have the vision and we need your time and expertise to make it happen.

  • Do you have a calling to do something bigger than yourself?

    Now more than ever is the time to take the initiative to do something.  

    A Calling

    Do you have a calling to do something bigger than yourself? Have you been looking for ways to do your part to help Earth when she needs you the most? Now more than ever is the time to take the initiative to do something. There are many different ways to do your part when you get the calling.

    Pledge Hours

    By pledging a collective number of hours of your expertise to the Global Time Bank, put your volunteer hours towards impactful causes carrying out solutions. You join a community of like-minded individuals working towards great initiatives. GTB has people from all walks of life bring their expertise to accomplish shared goals that extend beyond our individual selves. We have organized a structure in place through our initiatives to utilize all of the time contributed collectively to accomplish a common vision for humanity.


    Power Of Women as a We Are The Hope Initiative has figured out a way for you and everyone else who is looking to volunteer and help to do so by simply contributing through your expertise, in person or from home. Yes, being a part of the solution is as simple as pledging some of your time to the collective Global Time Bank, an Initiative of We Are The Hope, to be applied towards creating long-term solutions to solve the most threatening issues faced by Earth and Humanity.

  • Fill out this form to pledge your hours


    How you can contribute through your pledge

    Here are a few options:

    • OPTION 1 | You can specify your expertise and guide us on how you can help.
    • OPTION 2 | The ones with no expertise will be presented with various options throughout the years to pick from.

    Tasks can be as simple as drafting an email, a marketing campaign, designing a graphic, organizing an excel sheet, doing some nature photography, or anything needed. If you’re committing 10 hours of your time each year for the next four years, you can choose to focus your hours doing one task required for an initiative or choose different volunteering opportunities over time as the need arises.


    We would like to work based on your availability and your preference, so we will let you know via email when initiatives are looking for volunteers.


    All of our projects are related to making our earth and humanity better. We are conscious, aware, and promote a sustainable lifestyle and educate on effective information. The well-being of our earth is our number one priority using the Power Of Women.

    Become an Honorary Pledger of the Global Time Bank

    Volunteering is a beautiful act of kindness that shows the power of compassion humanity possesses. Most importantly, it illuminates the power of humans as a collective, showing how together we are stronger. Just as one hand alone cannot clap, with two not only can you clap but clap as loud as you want. This is the power of unity and working together. At Global Time Bank, we create an effective space for individuals, regardless of what background they come from, to belong and do work for the earth we all share.


    Being an honorary pledger of the Global Time Bank is something one should be proud of. Once a member, you become a part of a group of individuals ready to be change-makers using time!


    Every pledged hour is compounded when used as a collective. We annually recognize volunteers with a minimum of 20 hours put towards an initiative.


    Upon completion of your pledged hours, you’ll be receiving a digital certificate.