• Power Of Women Anthem

    The first song of the 3-Song album focused on empowering women, the Power Of Women anthem serves as a catalyst galvenizing a global Audience.

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    Our aspiration for the Power of Women Anthem is to make it a timeless symbol of empowerment for women and girls to step into their power, and embrace the greatness within themselves to unite with each other for peace and wellbeing for all. We envision a world that recognizes, celebrates, and honor the strength, resilience, and contributions of women, encouraging them to emerge as leaders and catalysts to unite the global community and inspire positive change.

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    The proceeds from this song will fund programs dedicated to uplifting and empowering women and girls, enabling them to embrace leadership roles within their communities. Additionally, funds will be allocated towards producing more edutainment content aimed at shaping behaviors and perceptions of our global community, furthering our mission of creating a world where women and girls are authentically recognized, their voices are amplified, and their contributions are considered and incorporated into decision-making processes.

  • Continued Impact of the POW Anthem

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    Empowering Girls

    We’ve been able to provide young female artists with the opportunity to unite, spread their love and passion for music, and stand up for the importance of women's voices, highlighting the significance of women stepping into their greatness by singing and performing the Power Of Women anthem. Through the Power Of Women anthem initiative, they became part of something bigger than themselves—celebrating and empowering women through the universal language of music.
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    Power Of Girls Club

    In collaboration with the Rotary Club of Kinoni in formation, The Power of Girls club program in Kinoni is set to revolutionize education by introducing a girls' brass band initiative across various schools in the community. Our aim? To empower girls through music, fostering camaraderie, and showcasing their talents. Members will receive comprehensive training in playing a variety of band instruments, unlocking their potential for creative expression. As part of this endeavor, the Power of Women Anthem will resonate through school halls, echoing its message of empowerment. But it doesn't stop there.


    This initiative is a catalyst for confidence, leadership, and personal growth. By providing economic empowerment, we're shaping these girls into exceptional young women. Through their performances, they'll receive the recognition they deserve, igniting a fire within to pursue their dreams. Join us as we empower the next generation of leaders through the transformative power of music.
  • Access The POW Anthem Video and Lyrics

    Experience an exclusive version of the Power Of Women Anthem before its official release

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    Power Of Women Anthem along with the 3-song Album needs resources to continue its mission.

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    Record Label

    Are you, or do you know Record Labels, Major Music Distributors who can work with us? We are looking for global distribution

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    Are you an organization or a public figure? Endorse your support for the Power Of Women Anthem. Align by a shared mission!

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    Program Funding

    Be a part of the impact, and donate to us! Power Of Women is a We Are The Hope 501(c)(3) initiative and all donations are tax-deductible.